As Christians, we believe that we must pray daily and read the Word of God. Simply explained, these two actions are communication and knowledge. How can one ever grow in a relationship without those factors? You probably already answered that question, and I’m sure you answered correctly. Yes, it’s impossible. If there is no consistent conversation and no attempt to learn more about someone, then there will be no relationship. That’s why prayer and Bible reading are essential.

Other powerful things happen in a person’s life as they grow in prayer and His Word. God is our Heavenly Father, and we are His children. He loves and cares for our well-being. He hears us when we pray, and knows when we are in need. When we go to Him with a problem, I am confident that He wants to solve it and take care of us. I know that God can do anything, and He can handle any situation. But I also believe that one of the ways He uses to meet our needs is by encouraging us to care for one another. The Bible refers to it as bearing one another’s burdens. There are a lot of things that we can fix for each other.

Here’s how it works. My wife and I have five amazing children. Two of them are in their twenty’s, and the other three are teenagers. Now, my oldest is married to a wonderful man of God, and nineteen months ago, they brought a precious, beautiful, red-headed, blue-eyed, amazing smile, Poppy and Nona’s Girl, grand-baby into our lives. Forgive me for getting carried away for a moment. Ana is our first grandchild. Recently we found out that Brittany and Jason are going to have another baby in February of next year. We are overjoyed!

Let me get back to my point. As our kids are growing up, because of their different ages, they each go through unique circumstances. They need mom and dad, and we are there for them for whatever they need. However, sometimes, when one of them is having a hard time, I’ll go to one or two of the other kids and make them aware of it. As a father, I might say, your brother is going through something difficult right now, so make sure and encourage him. Sometimes it’s obvious when their siblings are struggling with something, but other times they need there Father to let them know.

This is how I believe our Father cares for His children. When we communicate consistently with Him, He can let us know when one of our brothers or sisters needs our help. Yes, God can do anything, but I wonder if we know how much we could do if we only knew? If we are inconsistent in our prayer life, then we will not be sensitive to His voice. Also, if the only time we pray is when we are in need, then it sends a message to the Father, that we are not available to help others.

Most people don’t advertise their struggles. Many of them are embarrassed to tell someone what they are struggling with. They will hide in the pews, cover their pain with a smile, but on the inside, they are screaming for help. Do they need God to help them? Yes, but God may want you to be the blessing, miracle, or support they’re looking for. We have to stop going to church for ourselves only. In our prayers, we must let our Father know that we are not just doing all of the talking, but we are listening, and we are available.

Can you imagine all the needs that would be met…IF WE ONLY KNEW?

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