A faithful member of my church came to me yesterday with a personal prayer request. She has been having a difficult time with her supervisor at work, and yesterday, things became almost more than she could handle. The person over her has an excellent education, and a title, but lacks a lot in leadership qualities. The workers under her suffer from a lack of morale and motivation. She shows partiality, is not always truthful, and her moods are entirely unpredictable. Unfortunately, the company has to have her right now, so there isn’t anything they can do either. It’s a tough situation, and I have been helping her pray about it for several months now. Because of her education and career, she doesn’t have many options, so she feels trapped and totally discouraged. There is much more to the story that I don’t have enough time to write about it, but maybe this will give you a small example of what this sister is going through.

As I responded with encouraging words and prayer yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder, how many others are dealing with work-place situations that are stressful? How many are discouraged and dread going in every morning to work? How many feel trapped? How many had a passion for what they did when they started, but now it’s almost gone? And in the time we are living in, you can’t just walk out and look for something else, so you just go through the motions. My heart goes out for anyone that is in this type of situation.

As a pastor, I see this not only affecting people’s personal lives, but also spiritually. When you spend forty plus hours in a challenging environment, eventually, it’s going to pour over into your family life, and church. I might be writing to someone that it’s happening to now. It’s hard to focus on a two-hour worship service, after so many hours spent in frustration. Your passion is draining, your personal and family life is starting to suffer, and you’re scared to make a move because of what might happen.

I do not know who all of you are this morning, but I hope you read this before you go into work. I also want you to know that I don’t have the answer to all of your work problems, but I do have a prayer. I am praying for you this morning, in the name of Jesus!!! I am believing God for peace, in the midst of your storm. As I’m going to the throne of God on your behalf, I don’t have the answer, but here are some things to consider.

* Maybe this is just a season.

   Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

* Perhaps this is a test. As soon as you pass it, the test will be over.

* God could be showing what kind of leader you don’t want  to become.

* You might be there for someone else besides yourself.

* Maybe you’re supposed to step out in faith.

* Let this experience make you better, not bitter.

* And yes, God does see and know where you are.

   He is going to make a way for you.


Wherever you are, I want to encourage and inspire you in the middle of your trial. These are just a few things to consider this morning. Again, I DON’T HAVE THE ANSWER, BUT I DO HAVE A PRAYER.

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