Do you remember when you first came to Jesus? You were so excited and you took every opportunity to receive more of Him. It was like being hungry and never completely being satisfied. Everything you did, whether it was praying, reading the bible or going to church, you wanted more. Your hunger for God is what caused you to grow in Him. You continued to move to different levels, simply because you wanted more.

No matter how long ago that was, I have a few questions for you.

1. Are you still excited about knowing Jesus?

2. Are you increasing in your knowledge of Him?

3. Are you still moving to higher levels in Him?

4. Do you have a desire for more of Jesus?

If you have been at a stand still in your relationship with the Lord, I hope these simple questions will revive something in your spirit. I pray that once you read this, you will ask God to forgive you for being too busy to communicate with Him and you will start fresh.

Oh, and by the way…I have one more question about your relationship with Jesus.


5 thoughts on “HUNGRY?

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