There are times that the load we are carrying becomes too heavy. We can try our best, but it’s too much for us to bear. No matter what it is, when it reaches the point of being beyond our strength, it’s out of our hands. You know what I’m going to say next. Yes, take it to God and let Him have what you can’t carry. But you might be asking the question; why would God let this happen to me? If He knew I couldn’t bear it; why did it go this far?

The truth is; God wants you to lean on Him. He wants you to know where your strength ends. The Lord wants to remind you that you have limits, but He doesn’t. He let this happen so you would turn to Him and say, God, I need your help. So, yes, this trial you’re going through is too much for you. On your own, you can’t make it in this storm. He’s not planning on you carrying this burden; He’s just waiting to hear from you.

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