I remember preaching for a pastor in Longview, Texas a little over 20 years ago. One night, he and I were talking and he began to tell me about some difficulties his wife was dealing with. It seemed that she had suffered with several issues for quiet a while. She was a very sweet and Godly woman and I felt sorry that she was going through such a painful time. I’ll never forget something this pastor said to me, as he began to share with me how long his wife had suffered.

He said, “Denny, it’s like we have been in one continual storm ever since our last child was born”. Their youngest daughter was in her mid-twenty’s, which meant this storm had last that amount of time. I could see the frustration and weariness in his eyes as he described their struggle. It was hard to comprehend just how long this storm had been raging in the lives of this great family of God. In spite of the fieriness of the storm, somehow their faith was as strong as ever. They remained faithful to God and continued to lead their church, even though personally they were facing an unbelievable situation.

Our revival ended and we traveled to our next destination to preach our next meeting. I couldn’t stop thinking about what that pastor had shared with me. I was praying for them as I was preparing for my sermon and so many thoughts began to go through my mind. I thought about the time in the Bible when Jesus would come walking on the water to His disciples and spoke three words and calmed the storm. However, for this family, the storm wasn’t calmed. The wind continued to blow and the clouds remained dark as night.

If the storm didn’t stop, then how could this family keep going? How could their faith be so strong with those type of surroundings? I was then reminded of another storm in the Bible. It’s found in Acts 27 when the Apostle Paul was sailing to Rome. As they were getting closer to their destination, one of the most fierce storms hit their ship. Paul cried out unto God, but the wind never stopped blowing. The sky remained black as night and the only time they could see was when the lightning would strike. The amazing thing about this storm, was even though God didn’t calm the storm for them, the last verse in the story tells us that everyone of them escaped…some on boards and some on broken pieces. Peace be still wasn’t spoken to the storm, but is was spoken to Paul.

Once I remembered both stories, I sat down at the piano and began to write a song that has ministered to people everywhere. The song is entitled, “HE DIDN’T TAKE MY STORM”. Not only did the Lord allow me to write this song, but my family has had to experience it. Sure, I’ve had those times when Jesus would show up and say “PEACE BE STILL” and immediately everything around me became calm. However, we’ve been in storms that never let up. We prayed and cried out to Jesus, but the wind continued to blow. I will tell you this, even though their were times He didn’t calm our storm, He never left us alone. We felt Him calm our fears and He made a way of escape for us.

Maybe you’re dealing with a storm in your life right now and you’re not sure what is going to happen. I can promise you from past experiences, that even if He doesn’t take your storm, He will still be with you and keep you safe an warm. Here are the words to the song the Lord gave me and I hope it is a blessing to you today.


1st verse
He’s been known to step on board
And say peace be still
But sometimes I need the rain to fall
To help me do His Will
There are times I need the wind to blow
To help my faith in Him to grow
He didn’t take my storm this time
He just brought me peace of mind

He didn’t take my storm
He just kept me safe and warm
And He didn’t move my trial
But He stayed with me all the while
He didn’t cause the wind to cease
But when He stepped on board
He brought me peace
He didn’t take my storm
He just kept me safe and warm

2nd verse
I know that He has got the power
To make it come to an end
And I realize when it seems its worst
He’s there to take my hand
I refuse to let those dark storm clouds
Block my view and make me doubt
No He doesn’t have to take my storm
Just as long as I’m safe in His arms

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