The Will of God is where you’re suppose to be. The gift and talent God gave you is what you’ll use doing His Will. Somewhere between your ability and God’s Will, you’re going to feel completely inadequate and overwhelmed, because God always calls you to something you’re not quite ready for.

The thing that makes the difference is God’s Anointing. You know it’s His Will and you also know you have a certain level of ability, however, your insufficiency requires His anointing. Instead of worrying about not being qualified to complete the task before you, understand that He called you because He needs you, but you’ll need Him to fulfill what He’s called you to do.

He put you where you are so you would have to lean on Him. You’ll never do this without His anointing and the truth is, you were never suppose to. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. You’ll never have enough men to win the battle…you’ll never have enough meal and oil to make a cake…you’ll never have enough bread and fish to feed the multitude. Whatever He asks you to do for Him, you’ll have to have Him do it. It will be GOD,YOU,GOD!!! Make sure you bring it back to God.

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