Do you ever wonder what you’re supposed to do? You’re uncomfortable in your current condition, but you don’t feel a release to make a move. More than anything, you want to be in God’s Will, but His Will is hard to see much less find. A combination of frustration and excitement is steadily going over and over in your mind, and the unbalanced weight of both is causing unavoidable discontent. Do you continue asking yourself, WHAT AT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???

As crazy as it might sound, sometimes the best decision is to do nothing. Remember this; if you are doing the work of God, then you are in the Will of God. Just because He’s getting you ready for the next level of your ministry doesn’t always mean it’s time to make that move. It’s alright to know a change is coming; it’s not alright to abruptly stop the work you are currently doing. God will never call you to start a new project without being confident that you will finish the one you’re on.

The Will of God is always doing the work of God, and as long as you’re doing that, then you’re in His Will. Let God take care of where you’re supposed to be, and you just take care of what you need to do. If you dedicate yourself to His work, I can promise that you will always be in His Will.

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