Just because you haven’t reached your goals or done the things you set out to do, doesn’t mean you should give up. Sometimes the further we get from an unfinished task, the easier it is to throw in the towel. Stop looking at the calendar and start listening to your heart. There is still some passion left in that dream. There could be several reasons why you haven’t accomplished what you wanted to by now. Maybe it is procrastination, but you can fix that. Perhaps a failed relationship has put you in a frame of mind where you couldn’t seem to get on track. Having that passion renewed can actually help you heal through the pain. Sometimes unexpected things happen that require our immediate attention and help. This can happen a lot in life, but even a little work on your goal is getting you closer to completion. I call this gap-work. Sometimes that’s all we get, are a few gaps in the busyness of life. However, you’d be surprised what working in these gaps can cause in time. Especially when you go back and check on a project and can say; it might not be completed, but at least I’m not looking at a blank page.

Could I just encourage you today, to either start working in the gaps, or perhaps you already have; you just haven’t checked on your project in a while. You’re not too old, and whatever you do, don’t let insecurity rob you of your dream. I can relate to where you are. I have a few life goals that I’m running behind on. Some things I thought for sure would be finished by now. Well, they’re not, but I realized a while back that I don’t have empty pages. I refuse to let something unfinished convince me that I should give up on it. As I read the dates on a particular project, I can see that they match up with gaps in some unforeseen situations in my life. That encouraged me because if it weren’t for gap-work, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Check on your project today. Maybe you’ve done more in the gaps than you thought. Also, if you’ve never considered gap-work, begin again.

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