We’ve all had those “FREAK-OUT” moments. You might as well be honest and admit it. Maybe you’ve experienced it, but you didn’t know that’s what it was. To show you I’m correct, I looked up this term in the dictionary this morning and this is what it said.

Freak-Out: A wildly irrational reaction or spell of behavior.

It happens when we feel like we’ve lost complete control and have no idea what we are going to do. It’s a feeling of complete fear and panic and we don’t think we can take anymore so we just FREAK-OUT!!! The past doesn’t matter and the future becomes irrelevant. All that seems to matter is the current problem and it’s too much to deal with. This anxious feeling comes over us and we want to scream, run or hide.

Many times this happens when something unexpected hits us. A bill we didn’t know was coming, a vehicle needs repair, a slip of paper handed to you that says you’re laid off, your business is being sued, a bad doctor’s report. I could continue to list things that I’ve seen people FREAK-OUT over, but I think you understand what I’m talking about and you can add to the list with whatever you’ve dealt with or currently dealing with.

I want to share some things with you that I believe will help you in these moments of panic. However, don’t think for one minute that I’m not guilty of having FREAK-OUT times myself. Some of what I’m going to tell you is from experience. There are some things I’ve learned after I screamed and shouted and felt like everything was coming to an end. Once the storm ended and dust settled and the world didn’t come to an end, I finally figured out how to deal with sudden bursts of fear, stress and worry.

Honestly, what I’m going to share with you is not deep or profound. It is very simple, practical and Biblical. One of the most important things to always remember when that out of control feeling starts to come over you is, God has already done more for you in the past than what you’re asking Him for now. Freaking out has a way of making you forget how you got to where you are. If you will take a moment to look back, you will realize that the miracles God has already given you, are much greater than what you are needing to get through your current trial.

The first thing to start with is reminding yourself of where God brought you from when He saved you. Do you remember the chains of addiction that had you bound? Your life was a hopeless, miserable mess. Maybe you’ve been out of the prison of sin so long that you’ve forgotten how bad life use to be before God’s Grace. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how far God had to reach down to pull you out of the pit you were in. My friend, if God can save us, then I promise you, He can keep us!!!

There are other things that God has performed in your life that are much greater than what you are currently dealing with. If God has called you into the ministry, then He will provide for you and your family. The call on your life is greater than whatever you will encounter while you minister. To the young couple that is getting ready to be married, God has given you someone to share the rest of your life with and that is much bigger than where you’re going to work or live. If God spoke to you about starting that business, then trust in Him every step of the way. Remember, nothing you face will be greater than God helping you to fulfill your dream.

So, whatever you may be dealing with currently, take a moment and remind yourself of the blessings of God. I have a feeling you will see that God has already done more for you in the past than what you need Him to do now.

Hebrews 12:2 (NKJV)
2 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

My friend, don’t lose it…don’t throw in the towel…put down that white flag and most of all…DON’T FREAK-OUT!!!

I’d like to share with you the words of a song that God gave me more than 20 years ago. These words have helped us through some of the most difficult times of our lives. No matter what we face, we remind ourselves of this song.


verse 1
I know from where you’re standing
That mountain seems to high to climb
And the valley you just came through
Has made you wonder why
Before you lose faith think about His grace
You’ll find it’s more sufficient so
Believe and He’ll make a way

God is greater than the need
He’s bigger than the problem
No matter how it’s seems
I know that He can solve them
Just trust Him and believe
He can do anything
For He’s greater
He’s greater than the need

verse 2
Unanswered questions you’ve stored back in your mind
And the smile you wear was only put there
To disguise the pain inside
But this ain’t the first trial
And you know it won’t be the last
So if you made if before you can make again
Just keep going and don’t look back

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