As I began writing this blog series, I based everything off of two things.

1. The dreamers in the Bible

2. Personal Experiences

There are such amazing people in the Bible who achieved great things in God by dreaming and keeping their dreams alive. Once they realized that it came from God, they became passionate and committed to the responsibility of seeing it come to pass. In addition to that, there is one more thing I see in them. Without fail, they all dreamed beyond themselves. In other words, they knew what their limit was, and they made sure their dream extended beyond what they could achieve. They understood that if it started with God, then it needed to end with Him too. Their job was to use their ability to work in between the start and finish.

For you and I to be successful in the Kingdom of God, we must follow that same pattern. For me, I’ve had to learn how to dream beyond myself. Is it scary? You better believe it is, but for it to become what God intended for it to be, I have to connect my dream to my faith. When my dream and my faith team up, it then moves from what I can’t see to what I’m hoping for. If what I’m trying to accomplish never requires faith, then I’ve never given back to God what He entrusted to me in the first place. It’s our job to receive the dream He has given, use our passion and responsibility to make sure it’s in operation, then with faith, give it back to Him and watch it grow beyond what we could ever imagine.

What is the current status of your dream? Are you still passionate and responsible, or have you given up on it? Perhaps you’ve replaced it with your pursuit of education and career. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with going after those things, but if it cost you what God gave you, was it worth it? My encouragement to you would be to start over again. Ask God to revive that dream in you. Think about how you felt when you first had the dream and all the things you wanted to achieve. Instead of giving up on it, dream beyond yourself and let God work out the details that you have no control of. Stop stressing over what it will take faith to accomplish.

Remember, it came from God, so give it back to Him. That’s how you dream beyond yourself.

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