I started a blog series last week entitled, “FOUR THINGS TO CONSIDER ABOUT YOUR DREAMS.” I’m a little behind in getting this finished and I apologize. We are currently on number three, and I hope this will be be an encouragement to you.


Once you know that your dream is from God and you are passionate about it, the next important thing is to be responsible. Being responsible means, you can be entrusted with something that has been given to you. If you are thankful for what God has blessed you with, then show your appreciation by being trustworthy and accountable for something that is so precious.

As a pastor, when I ask people to lead in different areas of the church, I love to see them take responsibility. Another word that goes along with that is ownership. In other words, they have been handed something that wasn’t theirs in the beginning, but now that it has been given to them, they must treat it like they are the new owner. I don’t enjoy giving something to someone, and them not accepting responsibility for it. If it’s yours, then whatever happens in the future is up to you. It isn’t fair to place blame on others for something that you control.

God has given you a dream, but are you responsible? Are you acting like the owner? Maybe your dream started great but isn’t going so well now. Who’s fault is it? Where do you place the blame? I’m sure you could look around and come up with several reasons why youre dream isn’t coming to pass, but the truth is, you own it and you have to be responsible for it.

The comparison that comes to mind is the difference between a home-owner and someone that rents a home. Sure, renting is more comfortable because if something goes wrong, you can call the owner to repair it. You don’t have to accept responsibility for anything because you are only there temporarily. The renter doesn’t care about the future of the house or the value of the property. They’re just there for a certain amount of time, and then they will move to another location. However, an owner feels completely different. They understand it is their responsibility to make sure everything is in proper working order. They want it to look nice on the inside and out because everything they do or don’t do is a reflection of how responsible they genuinely are.

Are you treating your dream like an owner or a renter? Do you accept responsibility for the things that must be maintained and repaired? Do you move from one dream to the next leaving the last one incomplete? God doesn’t need dream renters; He needs dream owners that are responsible. He believes in your ability and potential, so take ownership and show Him that you can be trusted with what He has given to you.

Take some time and evaluate where are your dream is currently. If you have fallen short, take responsibility for it. Don’t blame people, your job, or not having enough time; just make up in your mind that from now on, you are a responsible owner of an amazing dream that was given to you by the Lord.

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