(PART 2)


Once you know that a specific dream has come from the Lord, you have to move it to the next level, and that is passion. One definition of passion is; strong and barely controllable emotion. 

Passion is what drives your dreams, and without it, all you will have is talk and no action. 

  • Passion will move you from making plans to embracing reality.   
  • Passion will never be satisfied with status-quo. 
  • Passion will conquer contentment. 

Perhaps you are struggling and trying to figure out why you do not see your dreams come to pass. You’ve even begun doubting yourself and the validity of what you thought you were supposed to do. Your dream isn’t the problem, your lack of passion is. You probably thought, as long as you dream it and tell it, that it will just happen, but that is false. You have to add passion to whatever it is you feel like you’re supposed to do. 

You might ask, how much passion do I need to have? My answer would be; however big your dream is, that’s how much passion you should provide. If it’s a little dream and easily obtained, then it won’t take much of it to help you reach your goal. However, if you had a big dream and you are talking a lot about it, then you need to make sure you match it with passion. If you’re worth receiving the dream, then the dream is worthing providing the passion for seeing it become a reality. 

Maybe there was a time when you had passion, but you got busy, things got in the way, and after a while, it was all gone. My encouragement to you would be, remove everything in your life that is draining your passion. You might need to cut ties with someone if they are distracting you from your dream. Nothing or no one is worth losing what you have been destined to achieve. Make the necessary adjustments and ask God to help revive the passion that once burned so strong in you. 

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