Sometimes you have to look back so you can move forward. Not at any mistakes or failures, but at the blessings of God that have brought you to where you are now. You might be surprised at what a glance of where you were a few months or years ago at this time will do for your faith. It’s not only the big things that God does for us that causes us to keep going but the combination of so many little things we might not remember. Those forgotten moments when you spoke His name and needed Him instantly, and He was there. When you called out in the night, and He gave you peace. You know what I’m talking about, and chances are, you might have forgotten some of them.

Thank Him today, not just for the big blessings, but also for the overlooked small ones. How amazing it is that we serve such an awesome God, who is willing to provide the little things we need each day we live. If you need your faith increased today, and you may have forgotten some of those small things, ask yourself this question.

Do you remember when God_______________________________?

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