I want to see the Kingdom of God advance like never before. My desire is to see His church grow and expand all over the world. For this to happen, we must have workers committed to the cause of Christ. It is crucial that we raise up ministers who will stand in the gap and make a difference in people’s lives by sharing the gospel. When I say we need ministers, I’m not necessarily referring to more preachers, but more individuals who are willing to serve.

When you look up the word minister, you will find that it simply means to serve. A true minister is someone that is serving in the body of Christ. That is the reason I say we are in need of more ministers. We need church members who are not just attending faithfully but also serving faithfully. There is such a variety of ways to minister in the Kingdom of God today, and the time is right for as many that will join in and help.

You will never find the time to serve; you have to be intentional and make the time. When you set up your weekly list of things to do, is volunteering in your church on the list? I encourage the people I lead, to just give an amount of time they can work and we’ll do the rest. You would be surprised what all the church can do when everyone is committed to serving.

Since it’s Friday, why not make sure you’re involved in some way to serve this weekend. I can promise you, there is a lot to do, no matter if your church is large or small. Don’t just show up as a member, show up as a minister because that’s exactly what you are. From the parking lot to the nursery, from the stage to the doors where people are welcomed. Every area is a significant part of growing the Kingdom of God. You have a gift to minister, where are you currently serving?

Mark 10:45
For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

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