In John 21:7 Jesus told Peter, if you love me, then feed my sheep. I think it’s interesting that Jesus was gauging Peter’s love for Him by how he treated His sheep. Of course, we know that the sheep that He is referring to was His people. In other words, Jesus was saying, if you love me, then take care of my people. Feeding them goes beyond just giving them some food and walking away, He was asking Peter to care and nurture them. Give them proper nourishment so they can grow and develop into something great. Don’t just view them as a flock, but learn each one of them. Know the difference in their ages, because that can determine what they need to be served. It might have sounded simple when Jesus said, if you love me, feed them, but I can promise you, this was no small task.

When you make the spiritual application of sheep and shepherds, we are reminded that God calls certain ones to shepherd and lead His people, which are His sheep. In my opinion, there must be a lead pastor or an overseeing shepherd that is guiding the people of God He is called to. In addition to that, there are other men and women chosen to be a part of that leadership. All through the New Testament, we not only find church building but team building as well. The job of the shepherd, and the team that helps in that task is to feed God’s people.

Here’s the question for everyone reading this that is a shepherd or part of a shepherding team. Do you love Jesus? You see, the only way you can truly answer that question is by doing what Jesus said; IF YOU LOVE ME, FEED MY SHEEP. It’s not just a response; it’s a responsibility. Pastors, if you really love Jesus, then take care of His people. He didn’t call you so you can have a title and ignore the needs of the people, but He entrusted you with what is the most precious thing to Him. Don’t just look at them as a flock or a group, but learn who each one of them is. Know the difference in their ages so you’re able to feed them exactly what they need and how much. You’re a part of their growth and development. You can’t just toss some thrown together meal at them and expect them to eat it. Take the time to put something together that is proper nourishment.

This is not only imperative for the lead pastor, but anyone that has been chosen to be a part of the team must feel the same responsibility. If you’re a part of the leading, then you’re a part of the feeding and don’t take that for granted. If you love Jesus, then let it show in how well you teach your class. Let your love for God show in how passionate you lead your department. When it comes time to lead His people in worship, Jesus needs people who will be more concerned with what the sheep are eating than a personal agenda. The songs are not about you worship leader, their about feeding God’s people, and that has to be bigger than your personal opinions.

There is a lot more I would like write about this subject, but I’ll end it here for today. I just feel it’s. Important to encourage everyone that is a part of leading the people of God to make sure we are understanding why we do it. If we love Him, then we must feed them. Our love for God will be seen by how well we care for His sheep.

What if Jesus asked you; DO YOU LOVE ME?

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