I’ve been writing for several days about specific fears that many people deal with when they step out on faith. Even though God has called you to do this, it still requires faith to make the move. Anytime you have to use faith, you will always have to deal with some kind of fear. Having to overcome fear doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, it just means you have to make sure your faith is bigger than your fear.

One of the greatest fears that many deal with, is the fear that they are not good enough. This fear is caused by a lack of self confidence. For whatever reason, they’ve reached a place that they just don’t believe in themselves and even though a great opportunity has opened, they feel they’re just not good enough to do it. One of the reasons they struggle to believe in themselves, is because this fear has kept them from making a move in the past and seeing God bless them. This fear seems to be winning every round of the fight.

There are so many reasons why people struggle with self confidence and feeling like they’re not good enough. Maybe your parents never built you up or possibly your spouse has made you feel inadequate. Perhaps you had a relationship that totally destroyed your self esteem or a boss that never made you feel worthy of the job you were doing. Whatever the reason is, you’re having a hard time believing that you are good enough for anything more than what you’re doing.

Although you might have had years of mental abuse, I’m going to try my best to plant a seed of hope in you today. I may not get you to completely turn around, but if I can at least get you moving in the right direction, it’s a win for both of us. Whether you know me or not, just know that the person writing this blog, believes in you. I’m not the one that said you’ll never make it, I’m the one saying, “If God called you to do this, then He believes in you to accomplish it.” Don’t listen to the voices of your past, just let these encouraging words be your guide today.

You’re probably looking at yourself the way others in your life have viewed you. Remember, they’re not the ones calling you…they’re the ones standing on the side lines waiting on you to fail. You have to see yourself through Jesus. In other words, see yourself the way Jesus sees you. His opinion of you is not based on your critics, but in how He created you. God never made anything to fail and He’s not starting with you. He will not force you to respond to His call, but He will stand at the door and knock, anxiously awaiting for you to open the door and let Him work through you.

Maybe you don’t think you’re good enough because you don’t have any goods to offer. You’re standing their with broken pieces of shattered dreams, hopes and plans. You wonder how God could use or even call someone with so little to offer? Whatever you have or don’t have is part of the reason He’s calling you. You’re not the only one battling with this fear. However, if He can just get you to rise above it, imagine the faith and confidence it will bring to others in this struggle. All He needs is one…be that one today!!!

Jeremiah 29:11 ESV
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

22 thoughts on “WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? PART 4

  1. wow so many similarities to a message GOD ministered through me one time in a church in Georgia. about the broken & shattered. keep up GOD’S work Brother Denny

  2. Sure hits home. All the fears with a new position at work that God opened up the door for me to be in. This is right on time for me.

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