I love to hear people when they are excited about doing something in the church. They start planning, talking, and putting things together. You can see it in their eyes as they can hardly wait to get started on a new project. Excitement is great, but it is an emotion, a feeling, and a fading one at that. Excitement comes and goes, no matter who you are. Things can happen to hinder that emotion, like obstacles and opposition. You can be all pumped up about something new one day, but then face something negative, and that feeling can be drained.

I’ve had a lot of people come to me excited about getting something started, but after the excitement was over, so was the project. At that point, you’ll hear all kinds of reasons why someone quit and walked away. The problem was, you can’t build anything on excitement alone. Emotional building never gets completed.

Let me give you another word. This word passes an emotion and gets down into the heart and mind of a sincere worker. That word is commitment. Commitment doesn’t just start the job; in fact, someone committed will not just jump into a project. They will count the cost and make sure they can stay with it until it’s over. They refuse to start what they can’t finish. I’m not saying committed people don’t get excited; I’m merely pointing out that when opposition comes, they see it, recognize it, and feel it, but they work through it.

Examine yourself today and determine whether you are excited about something, or committed to it. If you have several unfinished projects that you’ve started, maybe you should transition from being an emotional worker to being a committed one. Be excited, be passionate, be happy, be motivational, be encouraging; but most of all; BE COMMITTED!!!

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