Did you ever stop and think that all Jesus had to do was die for us? The curse of sin, through Adam and Eve, had contaminated the blood of all humanity. Because of their sin, everyone born would be a sinner too. Hebrews 9:22 says, “Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins”. We had to have someone who was sinless and willing to die for us. It needed to be someone that was like us, yet had different blood that had no sin.

That’s exactly who Jesus was. The Bible called Him a spotless lamb that was both man and God. He was enough like us to understand us and also feel the same temptations that we struggle with. However, He was also God, which meant His blood was divine. He would sleep like a man, but walk on water, like only God can do. He was aware of who He was and the purpose He came to fulfill. He knew that the blood flowing through His veins would one day be spilled, so the debt of sin could be paid. The plan was for Him to die, shed His blood and then rise again on the third day. That’s it…nothing else.

Jesus loved us so much that not only was He willing to die for us, He was even willing to go the extra mile. It was prophesied through Isaiah, that He would be wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities. However, there was something else in his prophecy. Under the influence of the Spirit of God, Isaiah went on to say, “AND BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED”!!! I can imagine Isaiah putting down his pen, looking up toward heaven and thinking, He’s not only going to die for us, but He’s going to heal us.

Today I want you to understand that the same blood that allows us to claim salvation, is the same blood that was shed for our healing. I have just as much a right to ask for a healing as I do to ask for forgiveness of my sins. He took the nails to save us, but He took the stripes to heal us. He thought enough of us to not only give us eternal life, but to also give us a better life here on earth. Don’t make the extra stop at the whipping post in vain…believe in His healing power.

What do you need today? What is the healing you need to ask God for? Don’t let anything or anyone keep you from going to Him and asking for something today. If you believe He saved you with His blood, then believe He wants to heal you with that same blood. If you’ve called on His name for salvation, then call on His name for healing. If you believe in the nails, then don’t forget the stripes.


  1. I really needed to read this tonight. My friend, Kristina Mason, has a battle of cancer to fight! I’m asking God to heal her, if your reading my comment, please add her to your prayer list. Thank you!!

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