I wrote a song several years ago entitled, “God Is Greater Than The Need.” The title pretty well says it all, but there is a line in the second verse that I woke up thinking about this morning. It leads up to it in the middle of the verse and says;

But this ain’t the first trial
And you know it won’t be the last
So if you made it before you can make it again
Just keep going and don’t look back

The line I’m referring to is; If you made it before you can make it again. In other words, don’t forget, you’ve been in a battle before or you’ve needed a healing before, and the list goes on and on. That’s what I want to encourage someone about today. You fill in the blank of whatever it is you’re facing today and don’t forget, this is not your first trial. God has always come through for you so don’t let the noise of the raging storm keep you from hearing a voice say “Peace Be Still.” You’ve heard that voice before, DON’T FORGET.

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