In a sermon yesterday to my congregation, I talked a lot about the birth of the church in Acts chapter two. I did a brief summary of the first six chapters, and one of the things I noticed was the success of the early church had a lot to do with faithful and dependable people. Many families sold their possessions so that the apostles could carry the gospel to the whole world. They were faithful in going from house to house, praying together, having fellowship, and breaking bread. Yes, they had the Spirit of God, but they were also people that you could count on being there and helping make a difference.

For the church to experience the same kind of revival today, we’re going to need the same thing. We have the Spirit of God moving in our midst, but we need faithful people that are dependable. I’m talking about individuals that are willing to help carry the weight. We need a core group that is not easily offended but is passionate about having revival and seeing our communities flooded with the gospel. From yard work to preschool care, from the sound and media booth to the usher’s room, from the front doors to the pulpit, let’s not just be people who go to church, let’s be the ones the church can depend on.

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