The last couple of days have been a blur for our family. My mother was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, and after a few hours, I knew I needed to travel to Bristol to be with her. She’s been in the ICU this entire time, and if you’ve followed my updates on Facebook, then you know she is making some slight improvements, but certainly not out of trouble yet. Naturally, most of my time is here at the hospital going back and checking on her. We’re not sure what the next day will bring, but we remain hopeful and optimistic.

Because of the crazy schedule, I haven’t had a chance to sit down, collect my thoughts and write. I somehow find myself sitting in this waiting room trying to fit in with those around me. So many people in different situations pass by, and you can’t help but notice and wonder what their situation is as you look around. Some are crying, others seem frightened, and now and then you’ll hear the sound of laughter. It’s not a familiar sound, so the oddity does get your attention. As you blend in, you smile and nod, then eventually meet people and find out why they are there too. It’s quite a group that is gathered, but the truth is, none of us wanted to meet like this. Life happened, and here we are.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad, in fact, we all cheer when a young couple walks by with a brand new baby. For a moment, we forget why were there because new life brought unexpected joy to the room. After a while, we go back to praying and believing God for a miracle. For us and many others, we’re seeing the hand of the Lord work and start to turn things around. To what degree, we don’t know, but we’ll take anything positive and hold on to it with everything we have.

You might be wondering what the point is in all of this or when will I reveal a topic for this blog. Honestly, I just started writing. I didn’t know where I would end up, I only knew, all I have is where I am, and that’s the point. I know it sounds a little strange, but sometimes you just have to write about where you are. As a minister, songwriter, and writer, you’re always looking for the next thing to write about and share. Sometimes where you are and how you’re handling things is the most relevant. We’re not all in the same place, but we’re all sharing the same life. Though we might be at different stages in our lives, the pain, joy, or hope seems to connect us to common ground. You can’t always find answers, but I can guarantee you’ll find someone going through something similar to what you are.

So, if you need a sermon, song, or something to write about, pay attention to where you are. What you’re doing now could be very helpful to someone needing encouragement. That’s all I’m doing today. I’m drinking a lot of coffee, being completely honest, and letting you know; I still believe in a God that heals, and until He says something different, I will keep anticipating a miracle.

*Here is my current condition
*These are my surroundings
*Hope and trust are my closest friends

I hope God does, and I trust in what God does. 

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