You’ll never be able to unify with someone you’re not willing to compliment. As long as you’re competing and not complimenting, you will constantly be comparing yourself to others around you. Being able to compliment someone means you’re confident with who you are. Lifting someone else up doesn’t mean you’re putting yourself down or that you are inadequate.

Ask yourself this question:

What comes easier for me; complimenting someone or competing with someone?

If you find that you are always trying to compete with someone, then you’re spending a lot of time comparing yourself to others. Your goal then is to be better than someone rather than being the best that you can be. Honestly, it’s a never ending battle because as long as you’re trying to be better than someone, you’ll never find your real purpose and ability.

Your purpose is only revealed when your identity is discovered. You’ll never know where you’re suppose to be until you first find out who you are. Comparing and competing with others only delay your true purpose. One of the reasons you’re not getting there is because you haven’t found who you’re suppose to be. The problem is, you can’t find who you are because you’re looking at yourself through other people’s talents and abilities.

You will continue to struggle with this until you realize that God made you exactly like you are. His plan for you is what He gave you the talent to do. You will see others that have similar abilities as you but they’re not your competition, they’re your inspiration. Compliment them and even connect with them because nobody fulfills their destiny alone. Everyone needs someone to help them accomplish their goals. While someone is making you better, before you know it, there will be someone come along that you will help make better.

Take some time and look around at the people in your life that are working hard in their area of talent and give them a compliment. Let them know you’re proud of them and what a great inspiration they are. Send an email or text to someone and let them know you think they’re doing a great job. You’d be surprised at what a compliment will do for someone. Mark Twain said, “I could live two months on one compliment.”

Believe in yourself and believe in others too. Build up others with your words. Stop competing and start complimenting. Hopefully this won’t be difficult for you to do.


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