The true power of forgiveness is understanding the completion of forgiveness. Jesus said ,when we pray, we are to say; “Forgive us our transgressions as we Forgive those who transgress against us” Matthew 6:12.

Forgiveness is incomplete when it is received, but not given. Everyone of us are recipients of the incredible mercy of God, but too many times we hold back from others what has never been withheld from us. The completion of forgiveness is allowing to pour out of our life what has been poured into it. It’s easy to receive it, but it’s hard to surrender it.

The Bible says that God makes His mercies new every morning. Maybe we should pray for the same thing. Father, I thank you for renewing your mercy to me this morning, now I pray that my mercy would be renewed for those whom I need to forgive. Perhaps this is cliche´, but some things can only be accomplished one day at a time. Be thankful for the forgiveness you have received and complete it by giving it away. That’s how you, “COMPLETE FORGIVENESS”.

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