What if you’re closer to your victory than you think? What if the sun is getting ready to break through the clouds behind the mountain you’re climbing? What if this raging storm you’ve been in is getting ready to calm? What if the pain is getting ready to subside?

My last question to you is this. If you knew what you were praying for was that close…would you keep believing or would you give up? I’m assuming you would keep praying and no matter how weak you felt, you would somehow gather up enough strength to continue fighting.

Let me just tell you today, that your trial is at it’s worst right before your miracle comes. I’m not just trying to encourage you, I’m sharing a recent testimony. I believe the enemy knows when we are close to victory and he turns up the pressure to try and get us to give up. If he can get us to loose faith, then he can keep us from our blessing.

Maybe things have reached an all time low for you. Perhaps you’ve even said, “I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE”. Believe it or not…this could be a good sign. You just might be on the verge of your miracle. You could be closer than ever to seeing the hand of God bring peace to your situation. If it’s getting ready to happen, then you need to stand in the storm, keep climbing that mountain and hang on to that white flag because you’re too close to give up!!!


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