Are you tired of the way things are? Would you like to see some change? Are you frustrated, annoyed, and ready for a transformation? Just remember, nothing happens until you put forth an effort. An effort is an attempt. In other words, it’s something you try. Putting forth an effort means, you might not have a guarantee that it will work, but you’re at least going to try. Maybe you should stop talking about your dream, and start trying to fulfill it. All it takes is an effort. Perhaps you’re afraid of failing. But remember this; even if you fail, you will still learn some valuable things. Failure isn’t the end; it’s just a delay. If you don’t do anything, then you’ll have nothing but regret. I dare you today, to write down some things that you really want to accomplish. Make that list, pick one, and spend some time each day this week giving it a try. You might be surprised in a few days just how far along you are by choosing on one day to put forth an effort.

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