Today, I am officially fifty-one year’s old, and I can truly say that I am blessed. God has been so good to my family and me. Through the highs and lows, He has been faithful. I don’t know what everyone else does on their birthday, but for me, it’s a time of reflection. I just spend time looking back over my life, and seeing what all has happened. There are some things I think about that breaks my heart, but other things make me smile and rejoice. It’s the roller-coaster ride of life for sure. However, on this day, my heart is filled with thankfulness. This past year has been amazing. Honestly, I don’t have time to write it all down in this blog, because it could really be a book. But through it all, I sit in my miracle house, surrounded by the most incredible family and man could ever ask for. My wife of thirty-two years, my four daughters, my one son, my son-in-law, my grandbaby, and the next one on the way; I am thankful for these blessings.

I am also thankful for the church I pastor. Point Of Mercy is the place where I lead and feed, and it’s a privilege. They are so kind to my family and me, and after being here thirteen years, there is no other place I want to be. Whatever else happens in my life and ministry, it will come from this place β€” not just the members, but my pastoral team that I get to serve with. I also have the privilege of overseeing my father’s church in Bristol, VA; Soul’s Harbor. That’s where my roots and heritage are, and I truly love the faithful members there. Pastor Robert and his family are doing such a great job leading that congregation, and I know my parents would be so proud of what all God has done in the last three years.

Here I am, one year into my own personal, spiritual jubilee, and I’m so thankful for the faithfulness of God. I plan to spend the rest of my life being an encourager to everyone around me. From the pulpit to social media, I want to encourage, inspire, and challenge. I don’t have time to be angry, bitter, and vengeful. I don’t dwell on the hurt; I promote healing. I plan on strengthening the weak and embracing the broken. I’m not worried about the people who have walked away from me; I’m focused on the ones who are walking in. Who knows, maybe my birthday blog will help encourage you today to let some things go that you’ve been holding on to for a long time.

So, at fifty-one, I am blessed and thankful to serve a God who is faithful.

I love you Alonna, Brittany, Angelynna, Faustino, Brooklyn, MaKendra, Jason, Γ„na, and Adley Brae.

And to the rest of my family and close friends; I love you with all of my heart, and I’m so glad to have you in my life.


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