Don’t let anyone talk you out of God’s Grace in your life. If people are having a problem because there is failure in your past, and you have been restored and God is using you…tell them to BLAME IT ON GRACE! Ignore the voices of criticism around you. They didn’t call you, so don’t let them stop you. If you are under the leadership and submission of a pastor, then you have a great covering. As long as you have that voice of authority in your life, God will bless you and you don’t have to make excuses for His mercy.

There will be some that will never accept you and they will feel that your past disqualifies you from ever being used in the future. That can upset you and torment you constantly, if you let it. Remember this; you deal with enough guilt on your own without letting what people think add to it. They keep bringing up what God has already forgiven you from. TELL THEM TO BLAME IT ON GRACE!

I want to encourage you to stay humble while God is using and completing you. You have been given an incredible opportunity and make sure you tell everyone about God’s incredible love and mercy. You can tell the difference in someone that has the right spirit versus someone who is very arrogant and is on some ego trip. People can see when you’re real or fake and as long as you are transparent, people will see the favor of God on your ministry. Remind yourself that you are not the reason your ministry is flourishing…..GRACE IS TO BLAME!

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