There are so many challenges that each of us face on this journey. It seems that they are not minor or small, but just so big. I’m sure there is a more profound word I could use, but big just seems to describe it best.

  • We fight BIG battles
  • We’re going through a BIG storm
  • We’re dealing with BIG family issues.
  • Our marriage is struggling BIG time.
  • My ministry is going through a BIG transition.
  • My business is facing BIG adversities.
  • I’m struggling with a BIG temptation.
  • I’m trying to climb a BIG mountain.

So how do we respond to so many BIG issues? Whatever you do, don’t match the size of worrying and fear with the size of what it is you are dealing with. This is what I would like to encourage you to do.

David said in Psalms 34:3
Oh, magnify the LORD with me, And let us exalt His name together.

The word magnify means, to make BIGGER.

With all the BIG struggles that David went through, he didn’t waste his time making them bigger. Instead, he was determined to magnify God and make Him bigger than what he was struggling with.

Why don’t you do that today? I know you’re facing something BIG, so why don’t you magnify the Lord today and make Him BIGGER than what you’re facing?

  • Let your faith be BIGGER than your mountain.
  • Let your worship be BIGGER than your stress.
  • Make your prayers BIGGER than your sickness.
  • Make your praise BIGGER than your fight.
  • Make sure your love for God is BIGGER than your temptation.

How BIG is your problem and how much BIGGER is your God?

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