What if the trial you’re going through isn’t suppose to get better until it makes you better? While you’re praying for things to change, how has what you’re facing changed you? Instead of focusing on the conditions that surround you, maybe you should evaluate if it has made you stronger or weaker.

God has allowed this to happen in your life to increase your strength. I know it maybe hard to look beyond the pain, but God knows exactly what you’re going to be when you get through this. When it’s over, He plans on you being more anointed than you’ve ever been before, so stop asking Him to remove what has been designed to take you to a new level.

I’m suggesting that you change your perspective on the trial you’re currently facing. Your surroundings might be getting worse, but your faith in God could be reaching an all time high. You could even be getting ready to step through a brand new open door of favor and opportunity, so be careful what you ask God to make better.

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