Sometimes when you believe God for healing, you have to not only believe for it to happen, but you have to keep believing that it will. Notice I said healing and not a miracle because they are two different things. A miracle is when God touches you, and immediately something takes place. However, a healing is something that takes a process of time. It doesn’t mean that God hasn’t touched you, it just says you’re on a journey with this particular need. Sure, we would all probably choose a miracle over A healing, but sometimes God chooses to move in a situation gradually.

We have to know the difference in the two, and which one God has chosen to do, or we can become frustrated and even fail to see the healing because our hearts are set on a miracle. If God is healing you, then it’s crucial that you believe, and keep believing. Believe He can, He will, and keep believing that He is. If there is any improvement at all in what you’re dealing with, then God is performing a healing. You also have to remember that He is not only wanting to touch you but also teach you, so this process is two-fold.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re at the beginning of your healing and not the end. God is touching you and teaching you, so your response must be, “BELIEVE, AND KEEP BELIEVING.”

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