Times of uncertainty demand the power of faith and the need for Godly wisdom. Being the light doesn’t mean drawing attention by acts of ignorance. As the church, we are called to preach the Gospel and be a lighthouse in turbulent times. When the church started in Acts chapter two, that’s precisely what they did. As far as gathering for fellowship, they did that in homes. My point is this. We don’t have to be in our church buildings to preach the Gospel, and we can lead during this challenging time without having our routine services. Just because we’re not together doesn’t have to mean we’re not united.
We are the United States of America, and all our Government is asking us to do is help flatten a curve, so this virus will not be so harmful. If it’s a hoax, we’ll deal with that. If the Government begins to overreach, we’ll deal with that too. The same President that so many have praised for calling March 15th a National Day of Prayer, is the same one wanting us to not gather in groups of ten or more. Let’s not just cooperate in prayer.
Let’s be Americans leading with a Christian attitude for the next fifteen days. We need to be leading now, but our Nation is going to need us more than ever when this is over. If we lead well through this storm, who knows the ones that will turn to the church when these dark clouds dissipate.

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