Galatians 6:4 says to “Bear one another’s burdens”. Help someone out that is trying to carry something too heavy or burdensome. Many people seem to be so busy with their own affairs, they never take the time to notice if anyone around them is needing help. Because Paul said this would fulfill the Law of Christ, when you focus on helping someone else, there will be someone who will focus on helping you. I have a few suggestions on how to help carry one another’s burdens.

1. Make that person aware that you know about their situation and are praying for them daily.

2. Check on them frequently. Make sure you don’t forget this, because they may already feel alone in their struggle.

3. Don’t try and solve their problem, just let them know you’re there for them.

4. Encourage them, but don’t try to speak profoundly to them.

5. Listen more than you talk. Sometimes just sharing what you’re going through is a great  release. Don’t dominate the conversation with advice.

6. Don’t be too spiritual, but remind them of how important their faith and trust in God is.

7. Look for quotes, scriptures, books and songs they may help them with what they’re carrying.

These are just a few tips on how to help us “Bear One Another’s Burdens”. I’m sure there are many more, but try these suggestions and see what happens. Do you know someone trying to carry a load too heavy for them? Are you trying to carry something too heavy?


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