If you have a calling on your life, then you’re feeling a passion for it. You probably have big dreams and plans to fulfill the Will of God in your life. Your desire is great, but maybe you’re not sure what the next move is. You’ve been preparing and waiting, but currently nothing is happening.

Let me encourage you today, that you don’t have to do something big to be effective. Try something small. Sure, great things are in your future, but there are a lot of little things you can do now. You may be going to speak or sing to large numbers of people one day, but how effective have you been with one or two?

King David led a few sheep before he led a nation. He even served lunch to his brothers before he faced Goliath and defeated him. Sometimes it’s what God sees you do with the few, before He opens the door of bigger things that He’s called you to.

It’s not how great or how small something is that determines whether or not you have passion, but it’s the feeling of obeying God’s purpose in your life. Whatever your calling is, find something small and effective that you can do today.

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