I find that people respond better when you encourage them to do something, rather than put them down. I personally don’t enjoy working for or with people that put you on a guilt trip. I also don’t like to be around those who can only point out what you do wrong, but never communicate what you do positively. I’m saying this because how people talk and communicate with us, affects our response. I think we would all agree with that, and we need to make sure we are building people up, not tearing them down. Since it takes more skill to build than it does to destroy, we should focus on building up the people around us. This would help all of our relationships.

I could give you a list of all the people that you should make sure to encourage and build up. However, let me tell you about one of the most important ones. You need to learn how to talk to yourself. How you talk to others can sometimes be a reflection of how you talk to yourself. If you’re not happy with yourself, chances are, that’s why you’re not happy with the ones around you. Putting yourself down all the time will not help you reach your goals. Comparing yourself to others minimizes your abilities and applies too much pressure for you to perform at your best. You have to learn how to find the good within you. I’m not saying to ignore your faults; I’m only pointing out that dwelling on them alone will not help you reach your potential.

Let me encourage you to encourage you. Take some time to stop worrying about what people aren’t doing around you and discover what you do well first. Learn how to talk to you before you talk to them. You are not what others say you are; you are and will become what you say you are. How you see yourself is more important than how others see you. You are God’s creation, and He only makes what has the potential to become great. Start this day by building yourself up. Know your worth and walk in confidence. Be kind to everyone around you, and by all means, be careful how you talk to yourself.

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