You are going to need a few friends in your life to share valuable and intimate things. I believe it’s a part of our make up as humans. Friendship provides an amazing addition to our lives. The privilege of having someone or several that we can depend on through good times and bad is priceless.

The only thing is, be careful that you don’t allow your need for friendship to cause you to trust too soon. The need for it can blind your ability to see authenticity. How do I know this? Unfortunately, it’s happened to me in the past. There were people in my life that appeared to be genuine, but later I discovered they were something completely different. When that happens, you have mixed emotions. On the one hand, you feel hurt, then on the other, you get mad at yourself for ever allowing that person in your life. Been there???

I don’t think there is a magic formula for choosing the right friends that will never hurt you, but I do believe there are boundaries we can establish that will help. Honestly, the pain of failed relationships can serve as an excellent way to set those boundaries. Not only for us but if we share our experiences, hopefully, it will help others to know what to look for and avoid some hurt as well. The problem is after something like this happens; we tend to shut ourselves off from everyone and never tell our story. Believe me; those stories need to be told.

You can’t change the past but you can avoid repeating it and setting proper boundaries is a great way to start. Be kind to everyone, but know the difference in who you can share a meal with, and who you can share your heart. You might not agree with this, but I believe God puts people in our lives at the right time. If you’ve experienced hurt in past relationships, I feel like God wants to insert people into your life to help heal and restore.

Friendship is important, needed and delicate, so ask God to help you choose the right ones for your life. Set healthy boundaries that will protect you, and don’t let the pain of a past hurt keep you from a future relationship.

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