This morning I couldn’t help but think about how important it is to stay focused on God as we face very challenging times. We must keep our eyes on Him so we can continue to grow in our relationship with Him. He is our refuge from the storm and we are safe as long as we are focused.

Not only do we know this, but our enemy knows it too. That’s why he will do whatever he can to distract us. His plan is to cause us to look away long enough to pull us away completely. Distraction is his strategy and we must be aware of the potential dangers that are placed in our lives that could hinder our focus.

If something is causing you to take your eyes off the things of God, it is a distraction. I am not going to make a list because the enemy uses different things to distract us. I’ll let you make your own list of things you know are causing you to look away. I will say this, if a relationship you are in is hindering your relationship with God, then you are distracted. If you’re more focused on someone or something, then it could be a distraction.

I encourage you to start this day by checking what you’re focused on. What are you most concerned about right now? What have you been thinking about since you woke up. Maybe you got up worried or even depressed…turn your eyes back to Jesus and watch what happens when you remain focused on Him.

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