Today is Wednesday, and for many of us, it’s Bible study in our churches. I love teaching the Word of God, and I love the atmosphere of Bible study. No hype or hoopla, just an in-depth look, and interpretation of God’s Word. Last Wednesday at my church, I started a campaign. I began sending out messages on my social media platforms, and our church’s too, for everyone to make sure and bring their Bible with them to service. I know that sounds strange, but we do live in the most modern technological time ever. I explained that I wasn’t referring to an app on a device, but an actual Bible. After service started, I reiterated the importance of bringing a Bible to church and why I felt like starting this campaign.

In addition to that, I had index cards and pens ready to hand out to everyone in attendance. I taught a simple lesson with a goal of not just teaching the Word of God, but helping our members take notes so they could retain what they heard. I was amazed at the response and the compliments of this shift. It not only went great on Wednesday night, but it continued in our Sunday worship service as well. I stressed again the importance of bringing an actual Bible to church and being prepared to take notes. Our adults were participating, but I was especially excited to see our students engaged in this.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, and I am a fan of Apple products and devices. I call and text on an iPhone, I preach and teach off of an iPad, and I do ministry, music, and business on my MacBook Pro. However, as a pastor, I’ve noticed people starting to get distracted when they try and take notes on their devices unless they put it on airplane mode. But another thing that has been bothering me is many of our students and children are not aware of where the books of the Bible are located. They’re so used to hitting the name on the screen; they don’t know where the book is actually found. Is it Old Testament or is it New Testament? I want our church family to know the Word of God and know where each book is found.

Now, every time I take the pulpit and begin my sermon or Bible study, I say these words:

* Make sure you have your Bible
* Know the books
* Feel the pages

If we’re going to claim to be a Bible preaching, teaching, and believing church, then we better have that blessed book in our hands when we go to church, and in our hearts when we leave.

Question: Do you bring an actual Bible to church with you?

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  1. Yessss!! Always use an actual Bible and have our people use one, too!!! Love, love, love this blog, Pastor Denny!!! Great message!!!! Lord bless your ministry in Nashville!!!!

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