Girl you are to me
All that a woman should be
And I dedicate my life
To you always

A love like yours is rare
It must have been sent from up above
And I know you’ll stay this way
For always

And we both know, that our love will grow
And forever it will be, you and me
Ooh you’re like the sun, chasing all of the rain away
When you come around you bring brighter days
You’re the perfect one, for me and you forever will be
And I will love you so, for always

Come with me my sweet, let’s go make a family.
They will bring us joy, for always.
Ooh boy I love you so, I can’t find enough ways
To let you know, but you can be sure I’m yours for always.

29 Years ago today, my wife and I, sang these words to each other. We were so young and so in love, but we meant every word that we said and sang that day. The song was arranged, so that I would sing some by myself, and then Alonna would also, but the beautiful part of the song, is when both of our voices began to blend in harmony. That means we sing together, but on different parts. Little did we know, that the arrangement for that song, would be the secret for us staying together, until death do we part.

Our lives are truly like a song, not just in the melody and lyrics, but understanding how our song is arranged. There are times when each of us have our solo parts, but we both realize, the beauty and power of what God has joined together, is when we sing in harmony. If you’re a singer, then you understand that it’s not always easy to sing harmony. Before you can harmonize, the lead part has to be established. Once there is a lead note, then a harmony note can be found. That is exactly how our marriage has been for 29 years. Sometimes I lead the song and then other times, Alonna will lead. The harmony note is the supporting part of the song. It’s truly different than lead, but it’s there to enhance melody.

When my wife and I sing live, we try our best to blend with matching each other’s volume and enunciating our words together. Then, when one of us has a solo part, the other one stands and smile, showing support until it’s time to harmonize again. You see, that’s exactly how we have made it together all of these years. We give it all we have, when we’re working together, but when one of us is featured in a solo part, the other one stands and smiles to show complete support and pride. We are teammates, not competitors. We’re not trying to out sing the other one, we are just giving the song everything we’ve got.

One of the things that has made us both so proud, is the privilege of now singing with our daughter Brittany. As many of you know, we have just released a new album and when I first heard the addition of Brittany’s voice, joined with ours in the studio, it was a feeling like I’ve never had before. Maybe that’s how my mother and dad felt the first time I sang harmony with them, when I was just a kid. You see, that’s not just any voice…Alonna and I made that voice!!! I’ve had the honor of singing with so many wonderful people, but I’ve never been happier or more proud, singing on stage with my wife and daughter. The song continues and the harmony is getting bigger.

One of the reasons I’m writing this blog today, is to tell my wife how much I love her and how blessed I am to have her in my life. She is not only beautiful and incredibly talented, but she is the kindest person I know. Even after being hurt by so many people the last few years, she still maintains a Godly attitude and has a wonderful and positive outlook. I love her more today than I did 29 years ago, when I pledged my life to her.

Another reason I wanted to share this, is because I hope it encourages other married families to stay together. Perhaps the analogy of the song and how it is arranged will inspire a spouse to become more supportive. Maybe there is a couple who will read this and realize, they are both trying to sing lead and no one is producing harmony. I challenge a husband and wife today, to know when to lead and when to harmonize. God didn’t join you together for you to only have a solo career. If you want to make it for “ALWAYS” don’t just learn the song…learn your part in the song.

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