Take a moment and think about where you might be if it wasn’t for God’s grace in your life. Imagine if you had not responded to the invitation in giving your life to Him. Your life would no doubt be in complete turmoil, while you continue an endless search for something to fill an empty void within. Take away that moment, and only God knows where any of us would be right now.

It may sound simple and redundant, but God has been so good to us!!! I feel like it is essential never to forget where He brought us from. I believe we can find strength for the road ahead by looking back at the one we’ve already traveled.

No matter what you are facing, it cannot compare to the shape your life was in when Jesus found you. God had already done more for you when He saved you than whatever you may need Him to do currently.

I encourage you to take time out for a thank-you moment with the Lord today. You might be so focused on whatever you’re going through now, that you’ve forgotten how far God has brought you. I’m not saying your life is perfect, but I can promise you it’s blessed. Take a break from what you need God to do right now and thank Him for what He’s already done.

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