In Matthew 17:20 Jesus said to His disciples, “I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you”.

I think it’s incredible that Jesus told them to speak to the mountain, or have a conversation with it. Obviously the mountain was Jesus way of explaining an obstacle that might be in their way. He wanted them to have enough faith to walk up to that mountain, tell it to move, and be cast into the sea. Wow, what an amazing conversation!

Maybe you’re facing something today that is standing in the way of victory. An obstacle that is keeping you from seeing the promises of God fulfilled in your life. Perhaps your dream is waiting on the other side of that hill. You’ve been standing in the same place, just looking and wondering what you’re going to do. You’ve spoken to God about the mountain, but you haven’t spoken to the mountain. Now that you’ve had a conversation with God, it’s time for you to have a conversation with the mountain and tell it to move out of your way.

I find another group of people in the Bible, facing a mountain and not knowing what to do. In Joshua chapter 14 we find a man by the name of Caleb, who had amazing faith in God. He was facing a mountain that was an incredible obstacle with many adversities. He had a conversation with the mountain, but it was different than the one Jesus told His disciples to have. Caleb’s mountain wasn’t going to move, even though he had great faith. When he talked about his obstacle, he knew he would have to face it. This is what Caleb said: “GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN”!!!

He didn’t tell it to move, get out of the way, or be cast into the sea. He understood that he would have to climb this one, but he let the mountain know, I may have to climb, but I can make it, for the Lord is my strength. I’m sure he didn’t want to have to face it, but rather than stand there and complain about it, he chose to tell the mountain that in time, he will be on the other side. I can just see Caleb standing there, facing that incredible task, and saying, “Mountain, Let’s Have A Conversation”!!!

There is no doubt that we will all face mountains on our journey. We’re going to have to deal with obstacles that are much greater than we are. We will stand at the base of the mountain and wonder how we will ever get over this. You may be facing one while you’re reading this blog. You might be completely stressing over what seems impossible for you to handle. I think it’s time for you to have a conversation with your mountain.

Before you speak to the mountain, you need to know what you’re going to say. I’ve given you two examples of how God will help us deal with our adversity. It may be that God wants you to look at your mountain and say, “Move Out Of My Way”. If so…SAY IT!!! However, you may be like Caleb and have to climb that mountain. If so, then you have to look at the mountain and say, “I’m Going To Get Over This”!!! Either way you’re going to make it, whether it completely moves or you have to climb it.

So, are you ready to have this conversation? By now you know what you have to do. You’ve spoken to God about the mountain, now speak to the mountain. You have the faith to do this and God is going to give you the strength you need to deal with it. Stand firm, hold your head up and get ready, you’re about to have a conversation with the mountain!


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