What kind of person would ignore a sign that warned drivers about the road being out ahead? Who would avoid that, knowing if they continue, they will soon run into serious danger and destruction? To ignore the sign is to avoid the truth. Why do that? If you know the path you’re on is dangerous, why not obey the sign and save your life and maybe others that are with you?

I know this a crazy way to start my first blog of the week, but after reading a familiar scripture this morning, I couldn’t help but think about this analogy. Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction.” Today I think we should all see our pride as a road sign that reads, “DESTRUCTION AHEAD.” If we continue down this path, we are endangering our lives and possibly the lives of others.

I’m not talking about the kind of pride that you feel when you have accomplished something, because there is nothing wrong with that. The pride however that leads to destruction is a self glorifying attitude that takes all the credit and gives none to God. It is an arrogant person that thinks too much of themselves. They feel like they’re always right and refuse to ask help from anyone. For the prideful person, the high-road is the road less traveled. They would rather prove a point as to keep peace.

The most amazing thing is how a prideful person will blatantly ignore the warnings of what is ahead of them. They read the sign and ignore. Maybe this is a person that has gone so far that not even God’s Word can stop them. Sometimes the only thing that will change a person is a crash. It’s sad that it has to come to that for some people, especially knowing that all they had to do was read and obey.

No one gets to this level overnight. It starts small and can take years to get there, but little by little, pride starts eating away at you. Since this is Monday, maybe you can evaluate yourself and see if pride is working it’s way in you. Maybe you handled a recent situation all wrong. Perhaps you treated someone unfairly. Maybe your reaction was more out of anger and pride instead of Godliness and humility. No matter what it was or who it involved, nothing or no one is worth being overtaken by a spirit of pride.

Why not go ahead and make things right today? Seek the Lord, repent of your actions and ask Him to help you conquer that prideful. When you make things right with God, make it right with whomever you feel like you did wrong. Even if you weren’t totally wrong, your pride may have caused you to handle things in a wrong way. Don’t let pride destroy a great relationship with someone.

Read the sign, “DESTRUCTION AHEAD” turn around and avoid a potential crash that could bring serious consequences to your life.

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