One of the greatest gifts that God has given to us is a song. One writer’s struggle, testimony, or praise can become inspiration for countless people. Thank God for the songs and songwriters, for they are truly a blessing.

Because of the inspiration of one songwriter in particular, I have learned that No matter what I face, “THROUGH IT ALL”, I can stand, because “I’VE GOT CONFIDENCE GOD IS GOING TO SEE ME THROUGH”. “GOD WILL KEEP ME IN PERFECT PEACE” and “THIS IS ANOTHER DAY THE LORD HAS KEPT ME”. It is a comfort to know, that “JUST LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD”, He will make a way. “I DONT KNOW WHY JESUS LOVED ME, OH BUT IM GLAD, SO GLAD HE DID” and sometimes I say, “TAKE ME BACK DEAR LORD, TO THE PLACE WHERE I FIRST RECEIVED YOU.” Because of His love I want to let the world know, I want to “TELL THEM”, “JESUS IS THE ANSWER”. My prayer is “REVIVE US AGAIN OH LORD” with your Spirit and cleanse us with your blood, because “IT WILL NEVER LOSE ITS POWER”.

We must never forget that life is like a vapor and appears only for a while and then it is gone. Our hope is not down here, for “SOON AND VERY SOON, WE’RE GOING TO SEE THE KING”. My friends, “IT WONT BE LONG…SO COUNT THE YEARS AS MONTHS…COUNT THE MONTHS AS WEEKS…COUNT THE WEEKS AS DAYS, ANY DAY NOW…WE’LL BE GOING HOME”.


Thank you Andraé Crouch for being an amazing inspiration to so many in your lifetime and the many years to come. I know you are now resting in the arms of the one you wrote about. “I’LL BE THINKING OF YOU”.

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  1. Great tribute to one of the best there ever was! Pastor Livingston, you are also one of the best song writers I know & your songs have blessed me & encouraged me many times throughout the years! Thank you!

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