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Don’t give a second thought to people who are not interested in your story. They don’t know the pain, hurt, and brokenness in the previous chapters of your life. You don’t need people around you that won’t take time to find out where you’ve been. As harsh as that might sound, you need to surround yourself with the…


The word restore means to bring back to a former condition. It involves rebuilding, refurbishing, replacing, re-establishing,  and rehabilitating. Ask anyone that has restored a house or an old car, and they will tell you, it is not easy work. It takes vision, time, and patience to start and finish the job. Not everyone can do it because not everyone…


I believe we must grow in the knowledge of God. Daily prayer and Bible reading are two of the primary keys in that process. Other things help us grow, as well. One, in particular, is having experience through difficult and challenging times. When we face an uncertain situation, and then God brings us through; we…

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Pastor of Point of Mercy (Nashville, TN) and Soul’s Harbor Church (Bristol, VA). Chairman of the International Apostolic Fellowship (IAF Conference)

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